Day Dreaming In To The Night

"Everything’s going to be red and green; blue for the sky, green for the grass, and red for excitement"

"I'm still in repair but i'm getting there"

"Jump and grab what you can on the way down"

Miss Vodka 2012 *

Welcome To Britain..

Where our current Monarch is a Bond Girl..  image

And our future Monarchs are wizards…


Enjoy your stay.

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Wonder Wednesday

Last week I was watching a cooking program and they were talking about Tea…. I know how British, but they were saying that we have only been drinking tea for about 300 years.. I say only like it’s a a few days or something.

Anyway, I thought well what did we drink before that, was there another hot drink that we enjoyed?

Nope… the short answer to this wonder was that the only thing safe to drink…

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April 22nd…

Welcome to the post where the title states the obvious.

Today is Earth Day… the 44th Earth Day… although I’m slightly confused as the interwebs tells me that  ‘International Mother Earth Day’ was established in 2009 on April 22nd so does this just… does it mean that… no i’m more than slightly confused. Anyway did you know that Earth Day has it’s own anthem?

Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all…

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Every time I hear this song an image pops in to my head, one where we are coming back from a sunday…

Every time I hear this song an image pops in to my head, one where we are coming back from a sunday walk with my grandparents. The walks that were taken I assume now to give my parents some piece for an hour after Sunday Roast. I always remember them filled with lots of talking, singing and the occasional disagreement.

As it was…

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