Day Dreaming In To The Night

"Everything’s going to be red and green; blue for the sky, green for the grass, and red for excitement"

"I'm still in repair but i'm getting there"

"Jump and grab what you can on the way down"

Miss Vodka 2012 *

Once Upon A Sunday… 1st September 2013

Once Upon A Sunday… 1st September 2013


I still stand by this concept that we are all worrying too much about where we are going and forget we only get to do this once…. stop and look around once in a while.

We loose the explorers we once were when we pass through in to the real world and convention takes over. Stop looking for the next door you have to pass through and…

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Things to fill your cup up with…

Things to fill your cup up with…

These are just a selection of things i’ve been loving for the past month and thought i’d share.

Sight: About Time 

If you need something that is meaningful with a slight hint of cheese I highly recommend setting your peepers and mind of this beautifully shot and scripted film.

Sound: Magical Music

I am a huge fan of 8Tracks and find it hugely helpful when trying to concentrate or conjure up…

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Someone once told me,

you have to be the leaf,

near the centre of the tree,

planted secure and safely.

Even in the most turbulent times

have the knowledge and strength

to not be hanging on for dear life

at the end of the branch

It’s a circle that means cycle

It’s a circle that means cycle

The idea of cycles/circles has been floating around life lately. From films i’ve been watching, music, books to life in general. The theme wasn’t intentional it just seemed to be there, like the coffee cup ring that even the toughest of bleach can’t get out.

I have been listening to this podcast ‘Dream, Play,Write’ for a couple of weeks and one of the most recent podcasts relates to giving and…

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Ugo Eze (via kvtes)

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They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit.

…. and it was all a dream.

…. and it was all a dream.

My English tutor at college, he was 60 odd, bizarre and poshest crazy man you are likely to meet. 

He started off our first lecture by suggesting to a group of 16 year olds ” this all maybe a dream you know”

My first thought was ” so i’m not creative enough to create a better place than this” and then he went further in to the bold yet old statement he had just made.

As he keep talking I became…

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Once Upon A Sunday… 25th August 2013

Once Upon A Sunday… 25th August 2013


A relaxed day where things went right and worrying seemed like another language.

It’s is currently bank holiday monday a year later and to be honest life is good… ok so there have been somethings that aren’t so perfect but they are small and can be fixed.

So all i’m going to say try and give yourself days like this, relax, try…

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